Over 100 success stories for over 30 Major Brands

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  • Nick Jr. Logo
  • Hasbro Logo
  • Nickelodeon Splash Logo
  • Oregon Scientific Xplore
  • Bellywashers Logo
  • National Geographic Kids Logo
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  • Little Kids No Spill Bubbles
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Sell in and sell through products
  • MEEP! Multiplatform Marketing TV

    International ad campaign and product demos launch state of the art tablet just for kids! Oregon Scientific MEEP! is available everywhere around the world and a sell-through success!

  • Playskool Print

    Designed to sell through a huge variety of items under the Playskool Banner, with over 10-year success story.

    Campaign becomes most memorable and best liked across all kid categories.

  • Playskool Print Ads
  • Little Kids
    No-Spill Bubbles TV & Web

    Package, logo, and POP concepts work along with a new anthem song, website design, and strategic platform to make No‑Spill the Go-To Bubble Brand, starting in Spring, 2012, and resulting in 30% increase in sales across the board!

Create Strategic Platforms for Emerging Products

Learning Curve Logo, Littlelest Petshop Logo, Playhouse Disney Logo

Launch new networks and properties
  • Nick Jr. Brand and Properties

    Research, Reposition and Relaunch Nick Jr. network including Minifesto, nickjr.com and Nick Jr. Magazine
    to grow big new business including $1 billion plus multiplatform licensing program.

  • Nick Jr. Dora running
  • Hearts 4 Hearts Girls Web/TV Spot/PR: Behind the Scenes Video

    Launch philanthropic brand in test market with lots of press, hoopla and mom and kid fans at the website... all in 8 month time frame from concept to test-market. Dolls sold out at Target stores; the most successful test in Target history!

  • Hearts 4 Hearts Sell sheet
Brand and Tune-in
  • Brand Nickelodeon with
    “Nickelodeon Nation”

    Boosting ratings 25% and picked by marketers as “Best TV Campaign”
    to kids, parents, trade, ad sales, celebs and politicians.

Build Licensing Programs
  • Kidvertisers are expert at building multi-platform programs to turn kid icons into retail giants.

  • Spongebob Squarepants and Playskool Licensing Guides
Get global
  • Sell in products, and programming on the web, in print and all over the Palais.

  • MTVNI Billboard
Design to drive business
  • Easy Bake Logo, Scholastic Video Collection Package, Blue’s Clues Logo

    We cook up eye candy: Logos, custom typefaces, packaging and products.

Help you talk amongst yourselves
  • One-Sheets. PowerPoints. Sizzle Tapes.

  • Mirari Video

    Sizzle for new Patch baby toys launches 2013 at Toyfair. And everywhere on the web.

We'll do you good
  • smartgrid1
  • Tell the world: What makes a Smart Grid Smart.

    Accenture hired Kidvertisers to create a documentary vehicle to explain Smart Grid technology to consumers. A 5-minute film, featuring kids asking questions to the world's energy experts is getting played in homes, schools and conference rooms everywhere.

  • Game Board World Class Game
  • World Class

    Role play game creation for United Nations helps kids to Stay in School!

So count on the kidvertisers
  • Count on Deyna Vesey, co-president and creative director, to put strong emphasis on strategic planning and problem solving, lead team efforts with an assertive, flexible and humorous manner.

    Count on Larry Nunno, co-president and account guy, for love: Clients love Larry because he is honest, experienced and has all the right instincts. The Kidvertisers love Larry for these reasons, too. But also because Larry goes out at 4pm and brings back chocolate.

    Count on Mitch Koffler, associate creative director for a quick wit, encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture and the best work you’ve ever seen.

    Count on Hilke Kaupert, Creative Manager, to set high standards for all the Kidvertisers, and have a fierce determination to make our work graphic and powerful, and on time for the last FedEx pickup.

    Count on Office Manager Nona Bleetstein to be the only one of us who
    knows where everything is.

    And count on Gail Lee, valiant bookkeeper and traffic cop, to be one of the most popular Kidvertisers – especially on payday!

Can we count on you?
  • If you’re strong, smart, bold, honest and like chocolate babka – you may have what it takes to be a Kidvertiser. Please send us a resume and 3 samples of your work.

    We’ll be in touch!

Kidvertisers Credo - Our Ten Truths
  1. Strategize to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals.
  2. Give every brand a unique look, position and voice.
  3. Understand and create work for real life response.
  4. Champion product benefits.
  5. Get noticed. Call to action. Jump out at consumers and excite the trade.
  6. Make work that is likeable and memorable.
  7. Show only the work we are proud to produce.
  8. Be collaborative.
  9. Make the process fun; bring out the best in everybody.
  10. Keep every promise. No job is ever finished, no detail is overlooked until everyone is happy and the work is right.

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